Reviews: To Nowhere by C.E. Wilson


About The Author

C.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, beautiful daughter, a chubby beagle and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy novels, she enjoys writing short stories on her Deviant Art page. She loves to write stories involving giants and little people (also known as GT) and she can’t decide what she loves more: horror movies or shoujo manga. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Education so she has a soft spot for older literature authors including John Milton, William Shakespeare, and stories such as Paradise Lost and Beowolf. On a side note, nothing helps her to write more than drinking good beer and watching The Twilight Zone.

To Nowhere


To Nowhere

A world no one would believe.
From the moment Lyris is treated to coffee by a beautiful stranger, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. In her enthusiasm to start at a new school with a new boyfriend, Lyris is almost able to look past his oddities.
The way he eyes up her striking red hair.
The way he loves that she’s seventeen. “The perfect age.”
And the way he’s gone from all but begging to show her a specific room in a specific house to making her swear never to even think about it again.
When Lyris doesn’t take his strange warnings seriously, she finds that nothing could have prepared her for what lay behind that door.
Suddenly, Lyris finds herself in a world no one would believe. A world where she’s only a few inches tall and giants aren’t creatures from fairy tales. Where humans are no longer the dominant race, but pets auctioned off to the highest bidder. Lyris understands the true danger of such a place, but there seems to be one person on her side.
Her kind and surprised captor.
And while Brindt appears to be sweet and trustworthy, he also straddles the line between seeing her as an equal and a cute animal.
Lyris has to get home… before the one person can turn to becomes the one person who can’t let her go.


2.5 stars

* I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free review copy for a honest review.*

My Rating: 2.5 stars

“Just a house. Just a room. Just a rumour. Just a disappearance.”

To Nowhere was an interesting and different read. The concept of giants was new. I’ve never really read anything with giants except for Jack and the beanstalk. So it was refreshing.

The plot was kind of interesting. I felt it had a good storyline. It had a lot of good, interesting concepts, which sadly I felt, the author didn’t much delve on.For example, the concept of who is a monster. Brindt, a giant helps Lyris. But Wyatt , a human had tried to sell her. So should a giant be labelled as a monster just because of his size? Maybe because the writing wasn’t strong enough…

The world building was really good. It was intriguing. I liked how giants were portrayed as humans who were very tall. I wanted to know more. I wished there were more scenes were Lyris sees more of that world.

I never felt awed at any point. I did not fall in love with any character. Lyris (the Mc) annoyed me to bits. She takes boy crazy to a new level. After finishing the book, I understood why this was necessary. But it was in first POV, where you’re like inside the MC’s head. And being inside Lyris’s head was not pretty.

To Nowhere had a lot of potential. But the spark that makes you fall in love with a book was missing.


Blog Awards: The Infinity Dreams Award

I was nominated by the lovely Rosema for the Infinity Dreams Award. Thank you so much sweetie!!

Its been quite a while, but school had kept me busy. So finally I’m passing it on.

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Here are rosema’s questions for me,

1)Describe yourself in ONE word.

          –  A Book Nerd

2) How long have you been in the blogosphere?

– About 6 months. I started my blog on 15th May 2015, because summer vacation was so boring!!

3) What is the most rewarding part of blogging for you?

– Meeting other bloggers and discussing books with them!

4) What is that one book that touched you in a very special way?

– O Boy! That’s a tough one! Probably Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It made me appreciate what I have in my life.

5) What’s your favorite song lyric? Why?

– “You can’t live without the fire, It’s the heat that makes you strong,
‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it all away, You can’t hide what lies inside you
It’s the only thing you’ve known ,You’ll embrace it and never walk away ,Don’t walk away” from Iron by Within Temptation (My favourite Band). I don’t know why, but this song always makes me happy when I’m sad.

6) If you are an animal, what would you like to be and why?

– Any bird. I’ve always wanted to fly!

7) What is that one embarrassing moment that you just want to keep? (Please share!)

– Hmm… I always try to forget those moments. I’m really clumsy, I always fall down. In fact I identify my shoes according to where I had fallen in them. So all those moments count as embarrassing. Examples are-That time I fell down the stairs in a store, that time I fell down flat in front of a teacher, that time I fell down in middle of the road and got my leg fractured……

8) If you are not you, then who would you like to be?

– I don’t think I would like to be anyone else. But if I have the chance, probably my favourite characters from my favourite books- Annabeth(percy jackson), Hermione(Harry Potter).

9) Where is that one place that you badly want to visit?

-Norway, I mean this looks pretty amazing,

10) What’s the weirdest wish/hope that you have secretly said?

– That I’ll find a door to nevernever and discover I’m Part Fey!

11) What are your top three long-term goals?

– 1) Work for a publishing Company

2) See everything there is to see in the world

3) Hopefully find a door to Nevernever. 😉

And I nominate these amazing bloggers,

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And My Questions are,

1)What made you start blogging?

2)Who are your favourite people?

3) Tea or Coffee?

4) Glass half full or half empty?

5) A wish you want desperately want to come true.

6) A Moment/day you want to freeze, Cause it was so freaking amazing!

7) A moment/day you wish you could redo.

8) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

9) What else do you do in your free time? Sing? Dance? Draw? Sword Fight? 😉

10) Which is your favourite season? why?

11) One random fact about yourself!

Congratulations guys!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

Reviews: Insanity by Cameron Jace


About The Author

Cameron Jace is bestselling author of the Grimm Diaries and Insanity series. A graduate of the college of Architecture, collector of out-of-print books, and obsessed with the origins of folk tales and the mysterious storytellers who spread them.



Insanity (Mad in Wonderland) (Insanity #1)After accidentally killing everyone in her class, Alice Wonder is now a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. No one doubts her insanity. Only a hookah-smoking professor believes otherwise; that he can prove her sanity by decoding Lewis Carroll’s paintings, photographs, and find Wonderland’s real whereabouts. Professor Caterpillar persuades the asylum that Alice can save lives and catch the wonderland monsters now reincarnated in modern day criminals. In order to do so, Alice leads a double life: an Oxford university student by day, a mad girl in an asylum by night. The line between sanity and insanity thins when she meets Jack Diamond, an arrogant college student who believes that nonsense is an actual science.


My Rating: 5/5

5 stars

“You’re not alright, the flower says. You’re insane, Alice, insane!” This is hands down the most ridiculous book I have read. It is crazy. And I fell in love with it.
Now, I have my doubts. But the first sentence,
“The girl sprawled on the ground was dead… and loving it. Why else would she be grinning like the Cheshire cat ?”
I knew I was going to love it.

So our MC, Alice lives in an asylum, where                                                            “The walls are smeared with greasy pale green everywhere. I wonder if its the previous patient’s brains splattered all over from shock therapy. “

She doesn’t remember how she ended up there. Her only friend is a tiger lily, her personal rain check for her sanity. And this other patient in the asylum, the notorious murderer Pillar the killer believes the murders happening around the city is the work of a wonderland monster, the Cheshire cat, and that Alice can solve them. What follows is insanity. Literally.

“Sane is mundane. Insanity is the new black.”
Pillar the killer is undoubtedly my favourite character. I love his dialogues. Whenever the plot gets a little sane, he puts the insanity back.
“How have you been Alice ?
Mad. “
Alice wonder is a relatable character. She is not a martyr sacrificing herself to catch some murderer. She is helping because it is her only chance of knowing her past and see the outside world.
I liked how all the characters was an important part of the story and all of them were equally mad.
“ Insanity was a disease that spread to all classes and factions. “
The main theme explored is obviously madness. Whose is mad? Are mad people really mad? Are people not locked up actually sane?

“I think the world outside is even crazier than in here.”
Yeah, I agree. I felt Alice was the sanest of the lot. Even her doctor is borderline crazy. I love that this book made me think all these crazy thoughts.

And the best part is you can feel the craziness oozing out from the pages. The most ridiculous part (coincidently my favourite too) was when I learned why the Cheshire was murdering all these people. I know. I should be horrified. I mean people are being ruthlessly murdered. But I just cracked up at the sheer ridiculousness of it.

I feel many will think that the plot is stupid. But you need to embrace and accept the insanity going on to appreciate the story.Cause it is Crazy with a capital C.

I loved how the original Alice in wonderland characters was embodied in the story and how Lewis Carroll was part of the story. What I like most ,was no unnecessary romance. Usually, whenever a potential love interest is introduced, the MC loses her mind. All she can think about is HIM. And I just sit there, shouting at her to solve the problem. Yes, there is a hint and he only had a few scenes. But I wanted to see more of him. Weird.*shrugs*

I adore insanity .It is mysterious, intriguing and downright hilarious!  You cannot put it down. And it has become one of my favourites. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? You won’t be disappointed.
There are a lot of questions I desperately need answers for. Is Alice, Alice? What is Pillar’s motive? Who is Jack Diamonds? Until these are answered, (in evil voice) Insanity shall prevail!!*evil laugh*

Oh, before I go, here’s a quote I particularly liked,
“There are two ways to live our lives, Alice. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I like the ‘everything’ part.”

Waiting On Wednesday: The Rose Society by Marie Lu

Waiting (1)Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

The Rose Society is coming out on October 13th!

The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2) From New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu comes the second book in the exhilarating Young Elites series
Once upon a time, a girl had a father, a prince, a society of friends. Then they betrayed her, and she destroyed them all.
Adelina Amouteru’s heart has suffered at the hands of both family and friends, turning her down the bitter path of revenge. Now known and feared as the White Wolf, she and her sister flee Kenettra to find other Young Elites in the hopes of building her own army of allies. Her goal: to strike down the Inquisition Axis, the white-cloaked soldiers that murdered her love, the Crown Prince Enzo Valenciano.
But Adelina is no heroine. Her powers, fed only by fear and hate, have started to grow beyond her control. She does not trust her newfound Elite friends. Teren Santoro, leader of the Inquisition, wants her dead. And her former friends, Raffaele and the Dagger Society, want to stop her thirst for vengeance. Adelina struggles to cling to the good within her. But how can someone be good, when her very existence depends on darkness?

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