Book Travelling Thursdays: An Awesome Father Figure


Book Travelling Thursdays are a weekly meme hosted by Catia and Danielle. Check out the Goodreads group over here.


For this week’s topic, we have to choose a book with an awesome father figure, as Father’s day is celebrated in a few countries today.

I don’t think there is any other book with amazing father figures than Harry Potter.

Arthur Weasley , Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. All amazing father figures. I could have added Dumbledore,but I think of him more like the crazy but wise grandfather.

So that’s why I choose Harry Potter.

The Original Cover

5Original American covers - Mary GrandPré

These are the original American covers.

8UK Children-Thomas Taylor

These are the original British covers. I honestly like these more than the American ones.

Covers From My Country (India)

I’m guessing both the above American and British covers are available in India. I own the British paperback of Deathly Hallows.

My Favourite Cover

6American New -Kazu Kibuishi

I guess my favourite covers are these New American Series, illustrated by  Kazu Kibuishi. They are so beautiful!

Least Favourite Cover

14Danish - Per Jorgensen

I don’t know why but I like these covers the least.

Check out more Harry Potter Covers over here. If you do participate in this meme, leave a link to your blog post below and I’d love to check it out!

So that’s all for now folks!

Happy Reading!


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