Review Policy

Thank you for considering Being A Book Nerd to review your book.

I am currently accepting review requests.

I accept paperbacks and in e-formats ( I have a kindle account), traditionally published and indie/self published.

I do not accept paid/sponsor review requests

Genres I am Interested In:

I accept requests for the following genres-

Young Adult: Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Romance

Middle Grade


I do not accept non-fiction books for review.

Review System:

Once I accept your request, it will take 4-6 weeks (after receiving the book) to post a review unless stated otherwise.

The review will be-

I post honest reviews. I may or may not like your book. If you want me to withhold a negative review, please state so in your request.

Rating System:

5 Stars: I loved it! It was perfect and has become a new favourite.

4 Stars: I really liked it, close to perfection. I would definitely recommend it.

3 Stars: It was a nice read, enjoyable.

2 Stars: It was a meh! book. Nothing remarkable.

1 Star: I did not like it.


Please send in your review request to with the following details,

  • Book title and details of the author
  • Summary with cover photo
  • A Goodreads link
  • Date of publication

Note: I do not respond to requests I’m not interested in.


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